Dr Kav Haghighi General Practitioner

Dr Kav is an experienced rural GP having moved from several years work in Foster, Victoria. He has strong interests in family medicine, medical emergencies and skin cancer treatment.

Dr Sandra Lopez General Practitioner

Dr Lopez is an experienced rural female GP having moved from her previous role in Wonthaggi, Victoria. She has strong interests in skin cancer medicine, cosmetic medicine and women’s health including obstetric shared care.

Dr Danmin Zhu General Practitioner

Dr Danmin has been a local GP for a number of years. Her interests include women’s health, sexual health and children’s health. Dr Danmin also speaks Teo-Chew, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Dr John Porter General Practitioner

Dr John Porter trained in the UK and enjoys all facets of general practice including child health care, mental health care and care of chronic illness. He believes in providing individuals and families with continuing, whole-person care.

Dr Sanjay Suryavanshi General Practitioner

Dr Sanjay Suryavanshi has recently relocated to Mornington from the UK. He is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and also of the Royal College of General practitioners in UK. Dr Sanjay comes with extensive experience in all aspects of general practice and is particularly keen on cardio-vascular health, diabetes, geriatrics and is also a UK-trained paediatrician.

Dr Meenakshi Tomar General Practitioner

Dr Rajesh Tomar General Practitioner

Dr Rajesh Tomar is an Australian trained doctor and has Fellowship of all the three Royal Colleges, and has extensive experience in managing all aspects of acute and chronic medicine and general practice presentations, emergency medicine, paediatrics, occupational medicine, and skin cancer. He believes in empowering patients to understand their medical and psychological conditions in order to help them feel confident about managing and feeling in control of their lives.

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Dr Stephen Barron Psychologist

Peter Lesinskis Physiotherapist

Kayla Dodd Dietitian

Coralie Thomson Diabetes Educator

Nader Attia Podiatrist

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